Janelle Monáe sings Rock Steady with Kimbra.

Never knew she had such a nice body under those suits.

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juice on the loose

a miniseries // summer 2013

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Do you ever have a conversation with someone new and then you’re like


I’m making friends

Me last Friday

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House of Balloons

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Jackie Robinson Day: April 15

I died a little inside

I was at a bar today and a guy asked why everyone was wearing 42, I said “It was Jackie Robinson’s number. They’ve been doing this every Jackie Robinson Day for the past few years now.” and He went off on some old White guy rant about how it’s been too long celebrating Jackie Robinson and blah blah blah. He ended it with some bullshit about “You can’t move forward if you keep bringing up the past.” I didn’t make another comment because, fuck it, I’m in a bar, I want my drinks, I don’t wanna get yelled at by some drunk bastard, but as I left I wish I would have said something. I would’ve said “It’s actually ESSENTIAL to bring up good things of the past to help propel us for the future” and if he had some smart shit to say to that I woulda responded “So do you celebrate July 4th?” But I didn’t say that. Y’all know how you get in an argument and think of the right thing to say on the drive home? Yeah that was me, except I didn’t even get to the argument part.

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Évolution inversée

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what episode of lazytown is this

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  • Lust:

    Something that I find attractive.

  • Pride:

    Something that I like about myself.

  • Sloth:

    Something that I dislike about myself.

  • Envy:

    Something I wish I was better at.

  • Gluttony:

    One of my favorite foods.

  • Wrath:

    Something that gets me angry.

  • Greed:

    Something I can’t get enough of.


so other than that, mrs. lincoln, how was the play

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